Global ThinkTank Institute

Welcome to Global ThinkTank

Purpose:  We are a community of researchers, academics, consultants and technicians dedicated to providing solutions in the areas of management science. We are dedicated to developing a culture of innovation & knowledge through collaborations, research, thinktanks, and education. GTTi combines expertise in systems thinking and model building with a community and infrastructure able to support cutting-edge, distributed and team-based solutions.

Data Driven: [Consultancy, Applied Research, Product Development]  We focus on solutions based in quantitative evidence.  Using big data, systems modeling and proprietary analysis we can hone in on your organization’s strengths and opportunities with metric driven solutions.  Grounded in years of experience and education in Operations Research and Management Science the solutions are framed in solutions that will get results.

Innovation:  [Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, Innovative Cultural Change and New Revenue Line Development]  GTTi has developed new products for clients, has commercialized technology transfer, has developed software and platform as a service solutions for companies in a wide range of sectors.  GTTi provides the tools but also the insight and infrastructure to make them work.

Performance:  [Predictive analytics, Data driven feedback mechanisms and Management tools to Optimize Performance]  Moving from data to pragmatic business intelligence requires more than dashboards but real insight into how to make that solution success within the framework of your organization’s strategic intent.

Knowledge: [Education, Professional Develop and Training] for GTTi  is about developing new skills that nurture innovation, allow for paradigm shifting and generate the upside of cognitive dissonance. We conduct executive and professional development thinktanks and development programs, offer C-level coaching, unique internships and have specialized training programs that are focused  the needs of the organization.

Contact Information:  E:    P:  330-687-8733